People are becoming more obsessed with their phones and can’t defeat the temptation of regularly checking their phones. The more you seek distraction on your phone, the more you procrastinate on essential issues. However, you can utilize technology to curb phone or web dependence, and this is where the plant a tree app comes into play. With the app, you can plant a virtual forest by not fiddling with your phone for a designated time and earn rewards in the form of coins. You probably didn’t know that you can also plant a tree app.

How the productivity app works

The first step of planting and growing a virtual tree is setting the timer. The maximum time you can set is about two hours while the minimum is 10 minutes. The app gives you a window of about 10 seconds to cancel your impeding screen-free moment, in case you want to send a quick text or may have set the timer wrongly. The cancel countdown is replaced with a “Give Up” button once you embark on your phone-free session. You may hit the button when tempted to leave the mission, but this prompts the popping out of a guilt-ridden question on your screen. Abandoning the session kills your virtual tree, and consequently, you earn zero points. Upon leaving, the app sends you a push notification within seconds, asking you to return to the app before your digital tree dies. These are some of the features incorporated into the app to ensure that you entirely focus on your activity. A dead tree shows up in your virtual forest when you leave the mission. Although you don’t get rewarded for the time you stayed in the mission before leaving, the focus minutes are used in the calculation of your total focus time. Contrarily, you receive coins for every complete session.

Planting a Real Tree with the App

It may take time to gain the minimum coins needed to plant a real tree. Moreover, you may consider in-app purchases to reach the coin threshold. The app developers partner with tree planting organizations to fund tree planting in some Asian and African countries. For every 2500 coins you earn, the app company donates money to be used in planting a real tree in any of the stipulated countries. You can only plant a maximum of five real trees with the app.


Plant a Tree App helps users to concentrate on their activities such as working, exercises, meals, or reading, while simultaneously helping plant real trees somewhere in Africa or Asia. The app allows users to set timers for their phone-free moments and rewards them with coins for every session they complete. Other features present in the app also motivate users to stay on their mission and hence improve their productivity.