Carrying your own water bottle is an incredibly simple and cost-effective way to do something good for the environment. Every time you refill your container, that will be one less plastic bottle being placed in a landfill. Moreover, you’ll find it infinitely easier to keep yourself hydrated with your own stash of cold, delicious water readily at hand. As you shop around for the right vessel, however, you may want to consider the latest options in glass water bottles. Not only are these products aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also very durable, reliable, and safe. Following are five impressive benefits that they’re capable of providing.

These Bottles Are Contaminant-Free

In the past, no one thought much about carrying their water stores in plastic bottles. Unfortunately, however, many of these products are capable of leeching contaminants directly into the fluids they contain. This is especially true if they are regularly subjected to temperature extremes, such as when they’re placed in the freezer for cooling purposes, or accidentally left in locked cars. Although a number of manufacturers are working hard to produce plastics that do not cause these problems, you can never be too sure about the overall safety of any plastic water bottle you’re using. Conversely, bottles that are made from glass will never leech harmful chemicals into your water stores. More importantly, you won’t have to deal with any unpleasant aftertastes and can always enjoy the fresh, pure taste of water that’s entirely free of harmful chemicals.

Glass Is Very Easy To Clean

High-quality glass water bottles can be easily placed right in the dishwasher. They are also easy to wash by hand. These products won’t lose any of their clarity after numerous high-temperature washings. In fact, they’ll look just as good as the day you bought them many years down the road. This remains true even if you like infusing your water with herb blends or fresh fruits. As potential toxins are rinsed away, the glass itself will retain its overall integrity and structure.

Water Stored In These Vessels Will Hold A Steady Temperature

Glass is far more effective for keeping water a steady temperature than either metal or plastic. This allows for a much more refreshing, thirst-quenching experience. Best of all, you can use these vessels to hold a vast range of liquids like warm broth, cold juices, and even thick smoothies, without having the container take on unpleasant and foreign tastes and odors. As soon as the container is properly washed, it will look and smell perfectly clean.

These Bottles Are Environmentally Friendly

Unlike plastic bottles which often wind up in landfills, glass is completely recyclable. Moreover, the production of glass products does not have any significant impact on the natural environment, nor does it require the use of non-sustainable materials. Given that high-quality options can be reused over and over again, you won’t have to worry about how to dispose of these products for quite a long time.

Enjoy Fresh, Clean Water Every Day

The greatest benefit of using these products is their ability to keep stored contents fresh and clean. That’s because they don’t retain odors and residues when washed properly. If you’ve used plastic in the past, this is something that you’re guaranteed to appreciate. No matter how long you tote your water around in these units, it will always taste exactly like you expect it to.