Travel nurse recruiters occupy a challenging and very unique job. Their energies are focused on recruiting healthcare professionals who can assist hospitals and other medical facilities with staffing shortages. Travelling nurses have an exciting career as they assume all the responsibilities associated with nursing while travelling from one place to the next. However, the nature of this career makes it very challenging for recruiters to get travel nurses to work on an assignment at any given time. Due to the demand for these types of nurses, recruitment will become more challenging in the future as well. Jobs upon jobs will need to be filled and recruiters will need to work harder than they are now. The good news is, this challenge will come with more monetary benefits and will become more exciting over time.

Travel nurse recruiters enjoy a one-of-a-kind niche unlike other segments in the recruitment industry but the uniqueness of the field they are in requires a robust recruiting infrastructure to ensure success. It is considered as a difficult business because nursing jobs in this field are often needed for short-term assignments with the typical assignment lasting around three months at a time. This means that recruitment is more frequent. Another challenge for recruiters in this industry is the short lead-time to fill certain positions. In fact, it is perfectly normal for hospitals to submit requests with only a two-week lead time, making it harder for recruiters to get applicants on time.

Recruiting travel nurses also requires a full job application which includes a skills checklist as well as copies of their licenses and certifications. Recruiting for such position is a tough sell but even if that is so, a career in this segment of the recruitment industry can be fulfilling. It involves looking for qualified candidates and enticing said candidates to apply for the job. It requires strong sales skills as well as the knowledge to make the job application process faster.

If you are thinking of becoming a recruiter in this industry, you must ensure that you have a pool of travel nurses that you can call on once there are job offers. It is also advisable to have good working relationships with hospitals and other medical facilities so as not to run out of job placements. Having foresight on staffing needs is equally important too because this will help you prepare applicants once an opening is posted.