All clients of shipping companies have the right to review their billing. They deserve to get refunds if mistakes were made on the side of the service provider. They can also review the delivery details to make sure that the service guarantees were followed as they can also get their money back otherwise. Although businesses can do these reviews themselves, many are using third-party Fedex auditing solutions to gain the following benefits:


Hiring staff and training them solely to perform this type of auditing can be a waste of resources. Most businesses would rather focus their manpower on their real competencies related to their industry. After all, the third-party service providers are able to do the same job at a much lower cost because of their established systems, efficient allocations, and narrow focus. Spend less while getting more refunds by using this option. It’s a double win.


Although you can train your staff to do this kind of work, it is not their main job so there are unlikely to do it as good and as quick as the experts. They will end up wasting time trudging through mountains of receipts. This is no good if you have thousands of items to go through every week or even more. Let the pros handle the matter and be amazed at their speed.


Despite going quickly through the shipping bills, their work does not suffer from errors. They are less likely to commit mistakes in contrast to amateurs. After all, these pros are using optimized systems that have been refined over years of use. They know what is required to have consistent results and that’s why they continue to be trusted by businesses to do this type of work on their behalf.


Companies that use Fedex services have varying needs. There may be months when orders are high and months when orders are low. If they used their own personnel to do the auditing, then they may be swamped sometimes and idle at other times. Let the third party auditors worry about maintaining adequate staff for the volume of work. Just pay for what you need. There is less stress and more results.

Fedex auditing is a must if you are dealing with a large volume of orders. You need to know that the deliveries went well and that your payments are right. Otherwise, you may be dealing with a lot of unsatisfied customers and greater cash outflow than you really need.