When someone tells you or asks you anything about Sports Hall Cricket Netting, will you be able to answer the when’s, how’s and what’s?
So let us see what we can get together for a brief discussion on Sports Hall Cricket Netting (S H C N).

S H C N is used by most professional and amateur cricketers worldwide, for batting as well as bowling practice and because it is indoors they can choose their own times no matter the weather.

They use it to practice all the different techniques, some new some perfected and even some perfected but wants to perfect even more!

These S H C N are usually covering an artificial cricket pitch from all side: left, right, back, and at the top with the front end open for the bowler (or bowling machine for the batsman who works alone)

The main idea behind the S H C N is to accommodate more than one bowler and or batsman at a time without the need of a fieldsman and or wicket-keepers, as well as to protect the inside of the hall or sports complex used for practicing.

With the advantage of having many batsmen and bowlers at the same time, they can all learn from each other if from the same team but the advantage of lone batsman or bowler is he or she can keep their secrets to themselves and surprise their opponents “on the day”.

These S H C N keeps the area safe of any aerial balls traveling around at high speeds as well as any other passerby’s.

This is especially useful for keeping the students and or pupils at school and club halls safe as it can become a bit confusing and active at times.

Although we have this whole safety feature with the nets all around only the opening in front. The shouts of ” HEADS UP” can and will be heard on many occasions as you get these balls to come flying straight out over the bowler or bowling machine at high speeds.

The S H C N are usually suspended from the ceiling on runners but with a canvas covering on the sides closest and behind the batsman for two reasons:

  • Firstly it is a more durable and tougher material and this is where most of the tough and speedier balls end up and
  • it helps the batsman to concentrate more as it will block out any distractions.