The holiday season is a time for fun, cheer, and happiness. Yet, for some the holiday season is also a cause for stress and worry. Why? Gifts! Finding the right gifts for your family members and relatives can be tough. Things can become very difficult if you want to give gifts to your friends as well.

Finding a gift that will be useful for your friends that will also fit your budget can be a difficult task. This is why you should consider an out-of-the-box approach, especially when searching for gifts for your friend. Don’t just focus on your friend’s immediate needs and requirements. Think ahead and try to give him or her something that will be useful for a very long time ahead.

If you have a friend of an artistic bent of mind, then you can consider gifting a ruling pen. As you probably know, a ruling pen is a special pen that allows you control the volume of ink flow and, subsequently, change the thickness and shape of the lines drawn on the paper without any difficulty.

From drawing slender stems of tufts of grass in the background of the painting to getting the eyelashes of a beautiful model right—the ruling pen can be an extremely useful gift for your creative friend.

Now that you have identified the right gift, let us focus on the next big problem—the budget. A quality ruling pen can be a very expensive gift, especially among friends. Well, you can bypass this problem by contact all your common friends and requesting them to contribute to the gift.

You cannot ask your friends to contribute for gifts that you plan in giving to relatives or family members. However, there is no compulsion for friends to buy gifts singly. You can always share the cost of the gift when buying for friends. In fact, friends can take turns and contribute funds to buy a good gift for one friend for each festive season. While relatives may get offended with such a gifting strategy, friends may actually like such an approach since they are assured of a good gift every once in a while instead of ending up with useless trinkets every year.

Of course, you can always find cheaper deals on quality ruling pens by checking out offers online. You can focus in sellers offering pens made by reputed manufacturers without spending a lot of money. Pooling funds will mean multiple individuals will do research online. Needless to say, this will automatically increase your chances of getting a good value-for-money deal.