Holidays are the perfect time to hire shuttle service, especially when large groups and alcohol are involved. Overall, it’s affordable and you don’t have to worry about splitting up groups of friends into several vehicles. So, if you’re considering a party bus Sydney prices range from $35 per person, or you can choose a flat fee.

Perfect Solution for Groups

The obvious reasons to choose a shuttle include

• Hassle free transportation that chauffeured
• Avoid distractions like traffic and parking
• You don’t need a designated driver
• When hiring a party bus Sydney prices are affordable

The biggest advantage to hiring a shuttle is no one has to worry about driving. These shuttles are not like a conventional bus, but designed and modified to carry ten people or more for recreational purposes, usually for a celebration. Whether the destination is a New Years Eve party, or a kids birthday celebration, a shuttle service can deliver the group to a destination and back. In fact, its a perfect opportunity to keep everyone together.

For example, if several couples want to celebrate New Years Eve together, but no one wants to be the designated driver, a shuttle is a great solution. Besides comfortable seating, these shuttles have music, video and fully stocked bars. Not to mention, if you choose a party bus the prices are more affordable than calling for an Uber or Lyft, especially during the holidays.

Another reason to consider party shuttles is if you’re looking for safe logistics for teenagers. Parents tend to choose a shuttle for groups of teens, rather than have them drive. First, it’s much safer keeping a group of teenagers together and have them driven to their destination. Second, they’ll probably have more fun enjoying the music and conversations, and not distracted by traffic or worrying about parking. It’s certainly less hassle and more fun.

Popular Choices

The interior of a shuttle will vary, depending on the number of seats required. One of the more popular shuttles today uses the Mercedes sprinter, which can seat 14 people. The bus typically includes a private chauffeur, a built-in bar, iPod connectivity so you can play your specific music, strobe lights, karaoke, and LCD televisions.

Another popular selection is the party bus that features a dance floor and sits up to 50 people. You get a dedicated driver to pick up and drop you off at a destination.

Lastly, the party begins when your driver arrives for pickup. A shuttle is an added bonus to any celebration. Your group starts the fun on the bus and it keeps going to your safe return home.