It is estimated that Aussies spend over 7 billion dollars annually on lawn care 1 and that an average homeowner can spend over 70 hours annually on lawn care. That is a considerable chunk of money and time. To save some of that time and money, without forfeiting the health of your lawn, a smart reticulation system can help. Whether your lawn is a small postage-stamp garden or part of a sprawling estate, there are a lot of benefits that you stand to gain by installing a smart reticulation system.

Keeping Track of Your Watering Schedule

Between going to work, taking care of your family, and finding time to relax, you may forget your lawn watering schedule. Besides, there are specific times of the day and week when you are allowed to water in Perth 2, which simply implies that your watering schedule has to match these set watering days and times. With a smart reticulation system, you just need to set and forget—and probably check occasionally for optimization purposes.

Benefits Your Wallet

Smart reticulation systems are calibrated to use the right amount of water, helping you to cut out wastefulness. This implies that your monthly water bills will be lower, especially when compared to manual watering. You will get the opportunity to have those lush gardens you see in upscale golf courses without having to sink a small fortune into maintaining it.

Improves Your Home Value

The benefits of a smart reticulation system go beyond simply lowering your monthly utility bills. A vibrant yard adds a curb appeal to your home, which is a significant selling point to potential buyers. Plus, the extra money that you save on monthly water bills can be invested in other home improvement and remodeling projects, which further boosts your home value.

In a nutshell, tech-savvy reticulation systems can save you time, money, and make your life easier. If you’ve ever felt frustrated with re-arranging your schedules so that you can take care of your lawn, you need to get a smart irrigation system as soon as possible. And that’s where reticulation services Perth companies come in. Take control of your lawn again with expert reticulation services in Perth. Some of the best reticulation services Perth has to offer can tailor-install systems that suit exactly what your lawn needs and even help you maintain and optimize it throughout the year—albeit at a small fee.