A Google account comes with a wide variety of benefits. It provides access to a suite of free and paid Google products, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Docs and more. Account holders have the capacity to subscribe to video channels and store different types of files. A single username and password allows individuals to gain access to the platforms, including Blogger, Google Hangouts and Google+.

However, not all Google services or platforms require user authentication. Users can gain access to the Google Maps, search engine, YouTube, Google Books and Google Patents websites without logging in. Authentication is only required when performing certain activities, such as making edits in Maps and uploading a video on YouTube.

The login credentials are applicable to both mobile and desktop devices. This ensures that accounts stay in sync. Once a user has activated the Google account, it is easy to enable and disable specific applications based on personal or professional requirements. Google allows users to create a profile that can be publicly accessible. In addition, it is possible to link the account to various image hosting and social networking sites.

A wide variety of platforms allow users to login using Google account credentials. This eliminates the need to remember multiple usernames or passwords when logging in to third party platforms. However, these practical uses can be compromised when one loses their account. Fortunately, restoring a Google account is easy.

Google account restoration

A user with deleted account has a two to three week window period to restore access to Google services. Once it has been fully restored, a an account holder regains access to various services, including Google Play and Gmail. The recovery process is straightforward. One simply needs to go to Google’s Account support page, which provides guidelines for restoration. Users are required to ask some few questions, which are aimed at verifying whether they are legitimate owners of the deleted account.

Once the information has been verified, it is recommended that users create new passwords that they have not previously used with the Google account. A good, strong password helps protect the account.

Google may block a user account for a variety of reasons, including unusual activities or being an underage user. The same applies to users who fail to adhere to many other terms and conditions associated with the service. However, users can reactivate an account blocked due to underage reasons.

This can be done by submitting documentary proof of age, such as a valid government issued identity card. Alternatively, a user can make a nominal credit card payment of not more than $0.03 (USD).