There are many reasons why you want to buy apricot seeds. However, here are some of the top reasons.

1) Powerful Cancer Fighter: The apricot seed is one of the world’s best cancer fighters. The reason for this is that it contains a compound called laetrile. Laetrile has been found to be a powerful cancer fighter and may even have a cure rate as high as 90%.

2) Contains Vitamin B17: Apricot seeds also contain amygdalin, which converts into vitamin B17 in the body. Vitamin B17 has been shown to have anti-tumor effects, helps shrink tumors, and increase survival rates. It’s also been found that those who take apricot seeds or vitamin b17 supplements beat cancer at an early stage too!

3) Contains Antioxidants: Apricot seeds also contain many antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body. These free radicals can cause cancer and various diseases, including Alzheimer’s. As an added bonus, apricot seeds might help prevent strokes too!

4) Might Prevent Strokes: In addition to containing powerful antioxidants, these little seeds might also be able to help prevent strokes. Apricot has been shown to reduce clotting and platelet aggregation — major contributors to stroke and heart attacks today.

5) Versatile: You can eat your apricot seeds, make tea with them, or buy an extract to take daily. Either way, this is a versatile and powerful food that you should consider buying and consuming regularly.

6) Contains Protein: Apricot seeds also contain protein, which is great for building muscle and keeping you strong.

7) Helps Fight Obesity: If you’re looking to lose weight and burn fat, then these little seeds will help you do just that! They’ve been shown to assist in fighting obesity — which is becoming a bigger problem today than ever before.

8) Natural Detox: Laetrile has been found as a potent natural detoxifier. When combined with vitamin C, it helps the body stay clean so that cancer doesn’t have a chance to return or grow.

9) Might Help You Live Longer: Vitamin B17 might be able to increase your lifespan by as much as 7%! This is because it acts to reduce toxicity in the body, prevent disease, and protect you like nothing else.

10) Helps Fight Hypertension: Apricot seeds can also help fight hypertension (high blood pressure). By preventing inflammation of the arteries, they help your blood flow more easily while strengthening your heart at the same time.

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy apricot seeds for yourself. They’re cheap, effective, healthy, versatile, and capable of helping with an endless number of health issues. So next time you see apricot seeds on sale somewhere, take advantage of this great deal and reward yourself! You deserve it!