One of the best places to visit during your vacation is the San Blas Islands. The islands offer a lot in terms of scenery, water sports, cruises and amazing cuisine among other things. Your visit to the islands is not complete without a private boat ride around this magnificent tourist attraction. To get the best private charter boats at San Blas Islands, you have to consider a number of things including:

i) Size of the Boat

If you are traveling alone, a small boat might do. If you are traveling with your family, however, you will need a large boat with at least two cabins that are both en suite. If you cannot find a large boat that you can charter for your personal adventures, you can pay for accommodation in a larger boat with other vacationers. In fact, this is a great way to minimize costs. However, you will need to make sure that there are enough cabins to accommodate your family. If going on a day trip, you will not need a cabin.

ii) Cost

The rates charged for the private charter boats usually differ greatly. The rates depend on the size of the boat, type of boat and number of passengers. For instance, a monohull may cost, say $400, for 2 people. Any additional passengers will be accommodated at a lower rate, say $75 each. This means that if you will be traveling with your spouse and two kids, your total cost will be $550. Be sure to check if there are additional charges when doing the price comparison.

iii) Features

When you get a quote from private boat charter companies, you should seek to find out what the cost covers. First, the boat should be fully furnished and come with air conditioning because the heat can be unbearable at times. Secondly, there should be a fully stocked refrigerator. Furthermore, the boat charter must come with liability insurance. After all, there are many risks associated with traveling in the open waters in an expensive boat. There should also be emergency assistance, which should be available 24/7, just in case you get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Making Your Reservation

San Blas Islands is a popular tourist destination, so private charter boats are usually in high demand. This is why it is recommended you make a reservation early to ensure you do not miss out when you finally want to travel to the islands. Most firms will require a small deposit. Furthermore, they accept a variety of payment options and have convenient cancellation and refund policies.