Cake stands make the presentation of cake so much more appealing, not to mention convenient. However, have you ever thought about whether it can be used for anything other than displaying cakes? Apparently there are a variety of uses for them, so the next time you Buy Cake Stands Online, take this information into consideration.

Cake stands can also be used as a sprinkler spinner. Basically take all your tiny bottle of sprinkles that you use to decorate your cake and arrange them onto the cake stand. It serves as a handy sprinkler organizer at hand and when all those colors come together, it looks aesthetically pleasing as well.

It makes an obvious fruit bowl or stand, but is still somewhat stylish and appealing. Use the different tiers to separate and arrange the different fruit.

If you enjoy using make up and like having your cosmetics at hand, you can use the stand to keep them close by. Arrange your most frequently used items in the different tiers.

Everyone knows how well cake and tea go together, however, did you know that you could use your cake stand as a tea tray too. Use it to place your tea jug, milk jug or cream and sugar as well as cup and saucers. If you have a stylish tea set rotating on a cake stand – even better.

It makes a great picnic condiment cluster. If you have a picnic table in your backyard, use the cake stand to arrange the essentials, such as sauces, spices, plastic cutlery and champagne bottles on your handy cake stand.

You an also use your cake stand for flower arrangements. The tiers make an ideal platform to get creative, with different flowers an colors to create an eye catching flower arrangement.

One very creative use for your cake stand is to use it as a center piece for a table. You can use tiny pot plants all around the cake stand, with different types of plants and flowers in each pot.

How about using it as a bathroom storage stand. Place all your shampoos, shower gels and body lotions inside to keep a clean bathroom and a pretty and convenient stand.

Cake stand can also double as a guest room accessory, where you can neatly store all essentials that your guest will need on their stay over. This quite a brilliant and eye catching idea.

So as you can see your cake stand as multi-purposes. So why not get creative and explore all you can do with your favorite cake stand.