The Oriental Queen charter boat is a perfect example of a short-end boat cruise. Unlike a cruise ship, you will not be out at sea for a long period of time. Tenure in the boat can be as short as an hour.

But what’s so special about the Oriental Queen charter boat or any similar leisure and entertainment concept, for that matter? The fact is, the popularity of this type of event has been growing steadily through the years. And it’s common in cities with a proud coastline or water park.

Besides, from the point of view of a busy social events coordinator, the concept of hiring a charter boat for a special function has a lot of hidden advantages. Like the venue cost, for instance. Nowadays, just hosting a corporate function at a five-star hotel can cost an arm and a leg. Also, you as the event organizer may find that you have to fall in line or jump through hoops just to get the date that you want the function to be booked.

So why not change the rules of the game by having a barge, sail boat or yacht serve as the venue? Teach those hotel operators and conference center owners a lesson. The fact is, many boat cruises have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to liven up any occasion.

That’s quite a change from hosting a conference with the doors closed and carpet as the centerpiece of the proceedings. Another big thing going for the charter boat concept in venue hosting is the strong possibility of having a live crowd.

You know what happens in a tepid business conference. Participants tend to fall asleep on their chairs while the lecture or business address goes on. That’s why lots of black coffee is served to wake up the audience.

With a charter boat in the equation, you are the master of the proceedings. You run the whole show. It’s hard to fall asleep when the view is constantly changing because the boat is moving!

Charters also come prepared for all eventualities. Sea sickness, intoxication, and any type of event. From parties to business meetings, there is more room for interaction as the boat sails. What more, the crew tends to be well-trained. There’s no need to hire an outside caterer, sound system or even entertainers. All these can be part and parcel of a package deal that ultimately brings down costs. Oh, what a relief!