Are you thinking of what gift to give an intimate person, maybe your spouse? You should try giving them personalized underwear. The underwear designs are meant for individuals who are close and have a sense of humor. As you shop brown underwear online, you are provided with the option to customize the gift. You just need a perfect idea of what should be printed to suit the personal style and personality of the recipient.

Printing Ideas

Provided that you know what the recipient of the underwear likes and you don’t appear profane, you can print a precious message. Your thoughts should circle around the following:

• Image design: There are so many amazing images online that you can select to be printed on the underwear. You can visit any design library and search for images related to what the recipient of the underwear likes. For example, if he or she likes sports such as soccer or tennis, there are amazing images related to the fields that you can upload. The image is either printed on the back or the front of the underwear.

• Personal Photo: Maybe you want the recipient of the underwear to remember you. You can upload your personal photo that is either black and white or colored and have it printed on the brown underwear. The color of the image should contrast the shade of the underwear.

• Personal Word(s): Since the underwear is a personal thing, you can be as naughty or as hilarious as you want so long as you are not disrespectful to the recipient. You can use a personal quote such as “I Love You” or a name. Just something that the recipient can appreciate.

What Occasions are the Designs meant for?

Generally, customized underclothes are meant for intimate occasions. They include:

• Weddings: You can send the gift to your spouse as a surprise gift. The spouse will look seductive and a little sexy in the underwear.

• Parties: You can send the gift to your partner during an intimate party such as a bachelor/bachelorette party, an anniversary, or birthday party.

• Birthdays: Giving customized underwear as a birthday gift is a great way of surprising your loved ones on their big days. In fact, you can even embarrass your good natured grandfather with underwear displaying a funny saying that will make him laugh out loud.

You can certainly personalize underwear using the above tips and send it as a gift to someone special to you. Just specify the details of the personalization when you shop brown underwear online.