How do you find the best and the brightest? Simple: executive search recruitment agencies! It’s no rocket science to hire the best talent that money can buy.

It’s easy as pie with executive search recruitment agencies. But take note, not all of them are created equal. What more, each of them has their own secret agenda. For example, some of these agencies aren’t even hiring.

Still, they go about their business like business as usual. You kind of wonder if they are a front for something. Whatever the case, you need to find the job agent that can take your career to stratospheric levels.

You can’t have a dud if you intend to succeed in your own profession. That said, find the agent that fits your requirements. Do you need a quick job change or are you getting desperate for lack of job prospects?

Some agencies are quick fixers. They can get you a quickie assignment just to help you survive or make ends meet. You may frown on their business practices, but sometimes, you will need them, although they are the so-called temp agencies.

Never underestimate what they are capable of doing. Who knows, these job mines can find you that temporary assignment that can result in a long-term or even permanent assignment. It’s been known to happen when the employer finds you like a diamond in the rough.

By far, the best way to use agencies is to pit them against each other. The trick is to register with as many of them as possible so you can use them to your advantage. Some of them will hate you for doing this, yet some of them will love you for it.

True, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. As the infamous Wall Street mantra goes, greed is good. You need to know how to look after yourself when the going gets tough. After all, no one else is looking after you.

Not all great job opportunities can be found in a single job hunting entity. Every agency has its own niche and it’s a matter of finding it. And by God, you can’t find it, not unless you go through the experience of working with each of them in order to find you a job or a career.

Experience is the best teacher. By mixing and matching work-finding entities, you stand to gain the most leverage. Just pay careful attention non-competitive clauses in the contracts that you will sign. You might have to consult your favorite lawyer, but it’s worth the trouble.