Serving drinks and beverages at a wedding is a great way to ensure guests stay refreshed throughout the occasion. Sadly, not all venues will have a bar where guests can order drinks and this is where mobile bars for weddings come in handy. A mobile bar allows your guests to enjoy all the features found in a normal bar and saves you money you would have spent buying drinks on your own.


Unlike it is the case with a stationary bar, mobile bars give you the opportunity to switch things up to your liking. You can choose between different shapes, sizes and colours to suit your wedding theme.

Professional Staff

Mobile bars are operated by professionals, the same way you’d get in a normal bar. The drinks and beverages are served by trained professionals who will ensure your guests are served their favourite drinks on time. This would be difficult if the drinks were placed on a table for your guests to try out before finding something that they like.

Fully Stocked Bars

Mobile bars come fully stocked with drinks and beverages. You’ll never have to worry about running out of drinks and your guests can order their favourite mix of drinks at their own convenience.

Stress Free

With a mobile bar, you’ll have enough time to mingle with your guests without concerning yourself with the way the drinks are served. In addition, most mobile bars are accredited which means that you won’t have to worry about serving alcoholic drinks at your wedding.

Cost Effective

If you were to buy your own drinks, you’d have to decide which of each drinks to buy and the quantity required to satisfy your guests. This is usually an expensive and time consuming process that can overwhelm anyone. This is not the case with mobile bars as they usually come fully stocked with all kinds of drinks and beverages. This means that all your guests can enjoy the drink they want as often as they like.

How to Hire Mobile Bars for Weddings

Before heading out to hire mobile bars for weddings, it is important that you first take measurements of your venue and decide how much space you can spare for the bar. This will help you choose the right size as well as theme to suit the venue.

Finally, you should visit the internet and skim through different websites for a wide variety of mobile bar options. From the internet, you can compare prices between different companies and find a mobile bar that suits your budget and needs. You also get the opportunity to select between different designs of mobile bars until you find one that is ideal for you.