Communication is the key to success for every company, whether big or small. Although a wide variety of communication options are available today, audio conference call services are still considered the best communication methods. They allow every business to get connected to people across the world through a call and have an interruption-free connection.

As conference calls are a popular option for businesses to stay connected globally, therefore you always come across a ton of service providers. Although there are multiple options available, not every option is the best one. You often need to make a choice between two important features while selecting the right one. So, find out what these are.

Reservationless Vs Operator Assisted Services

If you are planning to host a conference of 400-500 services, then you should consider going for a company that offers reservations-less services. The best thing about this feature is that you can record custom greetings for all the participants. It won’t be hard to turn an audio conference into a video one only to make this connection more robust. When you want to share presentations and some visual documents to all members of a conference, then video conferencing is a feature you need to seek. To add callers to the meeting, you will dial out to them.

In case you plan to host a large conference of more than 1000 participants, then it is better to go for operator-assisted service. A conference call company will assign an operator who will connect all the participants into your conference. When a company has to set a more significant conference, often hire a dedicated operator who can greet every caller formally.

Free Vs. Paid

When it comes to selecting the best audio conference call services, then undoubtedly you need to choose between free vs. paid version. A premium version of conference calling brings more features than a paid one. When you have a plan to host a small conference, then you can go with the free version. Small companies often rely on free conference calling companies as they try to cut their operating costs in every possible manner. However, when a company wants to host a conference of more than 1000-2000 people, then it’s always suggested to go with a paid version. It will facilitate you and unlock some great features like the service of a dedicated operator, recording of your whole conference call, video calling, and much more.