LinkedIn with its career oriented approach has emerged as the most popular platform for professionals and employers. It is used extensively all over the world. With presence of so many professionals at one place, it presents a good opportunity for B2B lead generation. Many professionals responsible for taking purchase decisions in their organizations are listed here. If you want to market your product or service to businesses, you have to develop proper LinkedIn B2B lead generation plans. How do you do it?

Establish Your Account Properly

This is the first step to connect with your target audience. Create your LinkedIn account. Learn how to present your profile to the world. You can start with the free account option but if you are targeting business professionals, you should upgrade to a paid account that offers more features. Post updates regularly to keep your account details current. Reply to the queries received from the prospective customers as soon as possible.

Research the Prospects and Collect Leads

LinkedIn is one of the best tools online to search professionals currently employed in the departments responsible for taking purchase decisions. By connecting directly to such professionals, you improve your chances of getting qualified leads. You can search people by job titles and companies by industries. You get connected to the decision-makers immediately. There is no need to keep searching the right person who takes the purchase decisions in a company. Use LinkedIn’s Lead Collection feature when you advertise at this platform. It lets you collect the leads through the advertisements posted at this platform.

Provide Incentives for Engagement

Reward people who read your contents and submit comments. Reply to a comment even if you post only a thank you note. Help other LinkedIn members with the problems that fall within your expertise domain. It helps spread the word about you. People will become your brand advocate without receiving any financial incentive. If you have put up useful contents, readers will spread the word about it on their own. They will help you land more leads.

LinkedIn provides the best results when it comes to business lead generation. If you do not know how to leverage the professional network of this platform for your marketing requirements, take help of professionals who know this job well. You can join a course that prepares you for LinkedIn B2B lead generation. The course will teach you how to create an account at LinkedIn, use its different features, connect with prospects, set sales appointments, prepare LinkedIn outreach template, and many other things.