There are many leadership speakers to choose from. One excellent option is to select a speaker from the military. Speakers from the armed forces emphasize discipline, teamwork, and motivation. Their experiences provide a great platform for imparting leadership lessons to audiences. In addition to the military, Olympic athletes are excellent speakers. Athletes have valuable lessons to teach, and their message is often a universal one. But there are many other choices, as well.

Keynote speaker John Kotter

If you are looking for the best speaker for your next corporate event, consider hiring a keynote speaker with a proven track record in leadership. John Kotter’s speaking engagements are based on his eight-step process to lead change, which has been around for over 20 years. These steps focus on the flow of activity before, during, and after a change event. By booking Kotter as a keynote speaker, you will be taking the first step to lasting organizational transformation.

Keynote speaker Scott Deming

If you’re looking for a motivational and inspiring speaker for your next business meeting, consider booking businessman Scott Deming as your keynote speaker. With almost four decades of experience in corporate America, Scott Deming knows what it takes to motivate people and build businesses. He founded and ran a successful national advertising agency, where his methods helped clients grow far above their industry averages. Scott has also served on several boards and provided consulting services.

Olympic athlete speakers

When it comes to teamwork, you can’t go past Olympic athletes. They know the power of teamwork and how to combine it with focus. Olympic athletes have the ability to inspire audiences with sports analogies and metaphors, which spark creative thought and motivation. Athletes know how to motivate people at all levels, from the boardroom to the Olympic village. Olympic athlete leadership speakers can teach attendees about the secrets of success that these elite athletes have used to achieve success.

Keynote speaker Gayle Cotton

If you are looking for an inspirational speaker for your next event, then consider hiring Gayle Cotton, a National Emmy Award winner. Cotton’s story is both inspiring and motivating. She is full of humor, humility, and hope. She is a keynote speaker who delivers powerful messages and can be booked by a speaker booking agency. Her office is professionally decorated and includes broadcasting equipment. You will be able to see her presentation in its entirety at your next event.