In 2013, Manchester United (Man U) sold over 2 million shirts. That is according to Adidas. The Man U shirt is the most popular shirt. People also love boy bye shirt.

According to statistics from the leading sports goods distributors, the no.10 Barcelona jersey of Lionel Messi was the best selling football jersey in the 2016 to 2017 season. At number 2 was Christiano’s #7 jersey.

How Many Shirts Do You Need?

If you are a man, you need five button down casual dress shirts. If you usually wear suit and tie for work, you require 2 neutral colored shirts, 4-5 dress shirts, and 3-4 ties. Women need 7-9 work outfits and 5-7 casual outfits.

It is better to own a few high-quality shirts than to own many low-quality shirts. You do not need to have many shirts. Having a few shirts makes it easy to stay organized. It also reduces clutter. You should donate clothes that you usually do not wear.

Westerners Love Shirts

Australians love shirts. In the world, they spend the most money on shirts. Other high spenders include Americans, the Japanese, and Canadians. The country with the highest per capita expenditure on apparel is Australia. It is an average of $ 1,050 per year.

A shirt-a-holic is a person who loves shirts. That individual is always looking for the best shirts and always strives to stay on top of trends. Shirt trends are always changing. However, there are shirt styles that never go out of fashion. They are classic styles.

Westerners are obsessed with fashion. Because of high disposable incomes, people can afford to own the trendiest shirts. It is not enough to wear a shirt. You need to wear a fashionable shirt.

In the US, apparel spending is facing competition from spending on experiences that include around-the-world cruises, long-distance bike trips, and eco-tourism adventures. When you go to an adventure, you will need to have a number of shirts.

The Cotton Shirt

The cotton shirt is highly popular. The cotton industry is worth billions of dollars. Most of the cotton in the world comes from China and the United States. The US produces around 12 million bales of cotton each year. China produces over 30 million bales every year. In the US, 95% of the cotton is grown in Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma, North Carolina, California and a few other states.

The Bottom-Line

Shirts come in different sizes ranging from extra large to small. You need to find a perfectly fitting shirt. You should also find a shirt that will match well with the different clothing items found in your wardrobe.