Computer Numerical Control machining has become the backbone of today’s manufacturing. With the ability to produce intricate parts at high precision, customers can now present their requests with confidence. We provide precision milling and turning on plastics, metals, composites, and a wide array of other materials. In addition to CNC, we use conventional lathes, drill presses, and milling machines to meet customer expectations. Look no further for all machining lathe Perth services.

We are a full-service machining facility in Perth specializing in prototyping, modifications, repairs, and quantity production. Whether you need a new design from scratch or it is a basic component you are servicing, we have all the tools and knowledge. Our design services are perfect for the production of rods, axles, shafts, rolls, bearing houses, couplings, and any custom equipment you may think of.

Our production shop is equipped with a wide range of multi-axis, high-tech machinery to create an array of industry parts. Whether you need complex components or precision lathe services, you can count on us to have the job done. We utilize feature-enhancing parts such as automated bar feeds, cross drilling, and live tooling. Our equipment is capable of turning parts measuring up to 4 inches in diameter with excellent finishes.

We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service and attention to detail. Once you get in touch with us, you are assigned a specialized technician to work with you to the end. We encourage communication throughout the production phase to ensure modifications are done in time. We only employ skilled technicians, and some of them have been in the industry all their career life.

At our company, we believe in making lasting partnerships with every part we make. Understanding the commercial needs of our clients has compelled us to offer the best solutions ever available. We go to the extent of producing 24 hours a day to meet strict deadlines.

In addition to production, we excel in research and development for new solutions. We work well with industry influencers to find both short- and long-term solutions to the vast engineering challenges. If you have a new project that needs designing, our team of technicians can work with you to find the most viable approach for implementation.


Parts machining is a sensitive work that requires skill and dedication to achieve good results. While most outlets purport to offer machining lathe Perth services, only a few meet customers to their points of need. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment, operated by the ablest technicians around to enable the delivery of tangible solutions. Get in contact with us today to transform your idea into a working product.