Why Pole Dancing?

Pole dancing is fun, and it is one of those things that give you many benefits. For starters, a pole dancer needs to make constant moves and use the upper body strength. You will develop a lean and healthy body that many people wish for and go to the gym exercising all the time. When you learn pole dance, you increase flexibility in your body. If you are in no mood to go for a monotonic or rigorous diet and exercise routines, you will find pole dance a fun alternative. All the while, when you are working at the pole, taking pole dance lessons or performing, you are losing weight and burning calories.

Need more reasons, well, the activity will help you have more body confidence, overcome depressions and anxiety, and you will also feel better. Finally, you can learn pole dancing as a beginner, and if you are confident, you can take advanced lessons and become a pole dancer and wow audiences on the stage!

Use a Pole Grip – Doing Pole Dancing the Right Way

You could be a beginner taking pole dancing classes, or you could be a professional pole dancer, in either case, specific requirements would ensure you have better control over the pole when you dance. The attire you wear, shoes you select, and everything you have on matters when you do pole dancing. One of the accessories that help many pole dancers during regular classes or performances is the pole grip.

What is a Pole Grip?

A pole grip is something every pole dancer would want if they have dry skin. When performers work on a pole, they find it hard to start the act; however, as they begin to sweat a little, it becomes easier for them to hold on to the pole. The grip is a product that comes in the form of gel or solutions, and when the pole dancer applies it over the body and limbs, the skin sticks better during the pole dance.

There are many other forms of grips, and dancers can easily order the product online. Some of the common types include the liquid gel, chalk, and Mighty Grip. There are countless pole dancers of relying on pole grip to better their performance and perform more confidently and with control during a live act. The product is inexpensive, and you can order it in bulk as well.