Remodelling is by far one of the incredibly important home renovation projects that need to be carried out professionally. That is why when it comes to hiring a remodelling plumber Inner West, you need to do what it takes to hire the best for the remodelling project at hand. But hiring the best remodelling plumber amidst thousands of remodelling plumbers in Inner West can be one of the most daunting tasks. Nevertheless, there are some simple questions you can ask a prospective remodelling plumber to figure out whether they are best suited for your remodelling project.

Are you licensed?

This is actually one of the most important questions to ask a prospective plumber. There are lots of plumbers in Inner West who offer their services yet they don’t have a license. In fact, homeowners and business owners alike tend to assume that every plumber they come across is licensed. But hiring an unlicensed plumber comes with its own cost. First off, having a license means that the plumber has met all conditions required for them to operate as a plumber. This means that when you hire unlicensed plumber, there are very high chances they may not be qualified enough to offer professional services. Consequently, don’t hesitate to ask any prospective remodelling plumber whether they are licensed prior to hiring them.

Do you have some testimonials?

This is still another very important question that you definitely need to ask a prospective remodelling plumber. Testimonials help a great deal when it comes to figuring out whether a suitable remodelling plumber is equal to the task. Testimonials are actually written feedback by past clients who have previously sought the services of the plumber before. A plumber with great testimonials under their belt can attract lots of clients, as opposed to their competitor who doesn’t have testimonials at all. If the plumber insists they have testimonials under their belt, ask them to show those testimonials and look at them carefully. If they have great testimonials, then you can proceed and hire them for your home remodelling project.

How many years have you been in operation?

This question helps you figure out whether the remodelling plumber you are just about to hire is qualified or not. Having a plumber who has been in business for several years means that they are well qualified to tackle any remodelling project. Similarly, a plumber who has been in operation for a few months cannot be relied upon to handle complex remodelling projects.


Getting a remodelling plumber can be a simple process provided you know the right questions to ask a prospective plumber. Once you ask these questions alongside significant other important questions, you will definitely get the right remodelling plumber for your remodelling project.