Building a structure should be as per the specified laws. The construction sector has specific regulations that builders and other contractors in this field need to adhere to when putting up a structure. Therefore, construction contractors guide their staff on how to complete the job correctly. Some of these builders hire trained experts who are conversant with these regulations. Note that the provisions vary with regions and are prone to changes. Both commercial and residential buildings need certification from a licensed certifier before they are occupied. The government sues any structure without a certification permit. Here are the steps followed during the certification of structure process.

Building Certifier

Start by getting a structure certifier to handle the building task. Confirm that the certifier holds a valid surveyor license for your building class. Also, verify that these contractors have no legal, personal, or even financial interest in both the building work and the land. Work with reputable building certifiers for reliable certification work. A good certifier will advise you on the needed documents for structure approval. Besides, they also aid in applying for commencement notices. Go through their work records and reviews from previous clients for more details.

Certifier’s Role

The certifier conducts inspection work at stated stages of construction work. These professionals will request and verify tests carried out on the land and used materials to guide the builders. Also, they ensure that all construction workers comply with the specified regulations. On the other hand, these experts notify the concerned authorities about any suspected breaches of construction regulations. They also issue stop notices to the building team if laws are not followed.


Certifiers inspect the building work in phrases. They will examine the structure after the excavation task is completed before concrete is poured on the footings. They will also review your building once the structural framework is completed before the internal lining is placed. Reputable certifiers will check the condition of a building after the formwork and steel are placed. They mobilize their staff to review the structure to confirm the builders followed the provided guidelines. In storey structures, the experts must inspect the building before adding a slab.


The builder notifies the certifier when they finish a given workload for the experts to inspect it. These practitioners organize for plumbing and electrical inspection as required by the government. Moreover, the certifier issues a completion certificate if the project satisfies the provided demands. Use this certificate to apply for certification of structure.