When looking for an IPL laser hair removal, it is wise to conduct all the product comparison test before buying the right laser removal device. But with the market full of choices claiming to offer the best laser hair removal devices picking the right IPL can be demanding and challenging. But with ideas and tips on how to choose or what makes the best device, you can summarize your purchasing process into a simple and accurate operation. And speaking of tips, the guide conducted a full market comparison in all IPL laser hair removers and came up with the following tips for your buying process.

The Compatibility of Epilator with your skin and hair color

Since the laser flashes will be sent directly to anything black, the laser approach uses a dark pigmentation to represent hair. If you buy an epilator designed with a different skin tone, it can introduce some problems. The intense pulsed laser light is only effective and dependable on dark hairs, including dark blond, brown, black and dark brown. Only a few kits can treat red options. But the treatment will not be that effective on light hairs like light grey and light blond hair. This approach offers good and healthy results in all-natural white and dark skins concerning your skin tone. Many IPL epilators will provide treatment on skins with phototype I to IV, and only advanced devices can proceed up to type V.

Power Consumption

From theoretical physics, the more the machine uses more power, the more effective and powerful the device is. When it comes to IPL laser hair removal kits, the same applies, so the higher the power rating, the better the machine. If the power rating is lower, then the treatment will take some time before your hair disappears. Many factors make your device work well, but it is also wise to consider other bills. After all, utility bills are expensive, and a machine contributing to colossal utility bills is not economical.

Energy Per Laser Flash

This is the total pulsed light expressed in joules; it varies between three to nine joules per square centimeter. When choosing the right machine, the trick here is to identify your skin color and then pick a machine designed to send enough energy per flash to your skin and hair color. Anytime you make a market visit, it is wise to fully assess all the options before choosing the right IPL device to buy.