Maximize your presence on LinkedIn. Don’t just go there to ride the trend. Use your presence in the platform to generate leads. The following tips on how to get leads through LinkedIn should help novices make the most of the site:

Improve Your Profile

It all starts with your profile as it is what represents you to the people within the platform. All they will know is what you put in there so make sure that it hits the right spots. Optimize your description so that they can immediately get a feel for who you are and what you can do for them. Make it concise as nobody has the time to read a long paragraph. It should be brief yet punchy.

Post Meaningful Updates

A profile is not something that you should set and forget like a clock. It is more like a plant that you must constantly attend to, even if you only have a few minutes to spare each day. Post updates from time to time to keep your followers in the loops about your professional activities. Write blog posts that describe your current projects to give your readers a sense of your capabilities. Your writing style will also reflect your personality.

Add Connections

Speaking of followers, make sure that you add more connections all the time. Check out the recommendation section to see people that you may know in the site. Go ahead and hit connect to widen your network. You never know what doors a single person could open for you. Be sure to visit their profiles as well to learn more about them. This is not just about increasing quantity but also about improving the quality of your connections.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Finding individual profiles to add is great but there is much more to LinkedIn. Consider exploring the groups and joining a few that suits your goals. There are several of them with each catering to a certain audience. Some might be based on industry while others revolve around expertise or business type. Choose whichever speaks to you and participate in the discussions. You might just turn some heads with your insights.

Interact with People

Visit the site from time to time and read your feed. See what your connections are up to. If they posted something that is worth celebrating, then go ahead and give them a virtual high five. Celebrate their victories to boost their confidence and encourage them to continue. They will remember the gesture and will be likely to do the same for you. This might even spark a conversation that can lead to joint projects.