Every website has an address based on a series of numbers. Since these aren’t the easiest things to memorize, it was decided to layer words on top of them. That’s why our URLs look the way they do today. If you are thinking of getting one for your newest project, then act quickly to snatch your favored address. You can stake your claim through domain registrars — companies who take care of the registration of your chosen site name and assigning it to a numerical address. It may seem like these are all the same but there are subtle differences that should be noted.

Pricing Terms

The best domain registrar will be one that you can afford. These companies sell URLs at different rates. Most average around $10 per year which shouldn’t be so bad. Highly sought-after addresses can be cost significantly more. Use their search tool to check if what you have in mind is still available. If it isn’t, then they will automatically provide you with a few suggestions that are close to your intent. Pay attention to their pricing terms as this could change over time. You might think that you are getting a bargain but the low price may just be a promotion. Soon you will be forced to pay the lofty regular price.

Transfer Terms

If you are unhappy with your domain registrar, then transfer to another one. It might be too early to think of this since you are only in the process of acquiring a domain name but keep this in mind as you might need it in the future. Check the terms of transfer to see if there will be any impediments in case you try to go this route. Some registrars will bar you from moving to another place. Others will keep you locked for a certain length of time before allowing you to move. They might also ask for additional fees to let you go or impose technical barriers to dissuade you. Find one that has a hands-off approach for complete freedom.

Support and Services

You should also read online reviews of the support provided by the registrar. When they get inquiries, do they respond right away? Are billing and technical issues resolved within a reasonable length of time? Are they courteous and competent? These things are hard to know if you ae just looking from afar but former and current customers can give you some insights. Avoid poor support to save yourself from frustration. Be sure to check if they are offering other services on top of providing a domain name. Perhaps they also have web hosting, web design, and related services that would simplify your project.