You don’t need a lot of land to setup a cell phone tower. In fact, isn’t necessary for the land to be vacant. You can have the tower on top of your house too. It is a wonderful way to earn money from an asset that is otherwise not earning anything for you. Yet, not many people think seriously about how to get a cell phone tower on my land. Here are some reasons why you should give this option a serious thought.

Your home, probably built on borrowed money, is helping you save on rent and will give you good returns over the long run in the future. However, in the immediate present, your home is sucking up a lot of your money. Interest payments, principal repayment, maintenance expenses—the home can be a money-draining proposition in the short term.

Getting a cell phone tower on your land can help you convert your asset into a revenue-earning investment. We are not talking about vague returns that you may get in the future if and when you decide to sell your home and the land on which the property is built. Neither are we talking about taking a loan to convert your home equity into liquid cash.

This deal is about enjoying immediate additional income without compromising your rights as the owner of the property. Space on the roof top, which is not being used in any manner whatsoever will now have a cell phone tower on it, which will help you earn a tidy income in the form of rent paid by the cell phone tower company.

Further, once you let out space to the tower company, you will quickly be noticed by all other commercial agencies and enterprises needing space for other activities like advertisements, setting up billboards, or other such activities. You may not focus on these things but somebody seeking a good place for advertising would definitely take note of the fact that the owner of a property is open to letting out space on and around his or her property.

Finally, you will have a ready party to negotiate if you plan on converting your residence into a commercial space in the future. You can offer the entire property as office space and move to a quieter and less expensive property funded out of the income earned from the lease transaction. This will prove to be the best and smartest way to boost your wealth.