We all remember the good all days of going to the movie theatres and taking quick pics at the theatre’s flash photo booth. For the millennials, this is news; however, you can still learn the benefits of having a photo booth at your next party—benefits that surpass your modern selfie.

As they say, old is gold. Flash photo booths have become the craze in weddings and private parties. They are inexpensive to hire and ensure everyone gets a memorable photo of the great event that was. On that note, let’s really delve into the reasons why a flash photo booth is cheaper than hiring a professional photographer, and why you should consider one for you next event or even wedding day.

1. Photos in different sizes

Photo booths channel out prints in different sizes. There are flash booths that give out two photos in 2 by 6 prints. The flash photo booths will print single but large photos of 4 by 6 sizes. It is also possible to get photo booths that print out in different sizes besides the two mentioned.

2. Different Models

There are two types of flash photo booths. The first one looks like a free-standing pillar with a camera and flash mounted on it. You stand in front of the booth take a photo and it will be printed out through a slot at the bottom.

The second type of flash photo booth is an actual booth that can fit large numbers of people in it. Once you and your buddies scramble in, you close the entrance curtain then press a button in front to start taking photos. The images will print out as a strip of 2 by 6 prints.

3. Easy to customize

You can use any backdrop you wish to decorate the photo booth area. If it’s Halloween, a few creepy looking pumpkins and eerie lights should work. There could also be a big fiendish clown waiting inside the booth to scare unsuspecting revelers.

4. Images available in soft copy

Yes, some flash photo booths will allow you to save your photos on a flash drive. This will allow you to reprint the images or save them to a bigger driver or computer. Talk about never losing those great memories you make with friends.


By and large, a flash photo booth is an inexpensive way to treasure old memories. These booths are not only portable but also easy to operate. In fact, a wedding foto booth can even come with a booth operating assistant if you wish.