Starting a business in a city like Sydney is never easy because there is a lot of competition in every single industry. However, if you have identified an industry that has some room for additional players, and found a suitable business premise, you can open a shop in Sydney. Before you can open for business, you will need to prepare the business premise to not only be functional, but also aesthetically appealing. The shop also needs to look professional and welcoming. To get the best results when it comes to shopfitting, you need to hire the best shopfitters in Sydney. Since there are many shopfitters in the city and they all claim to be the best, you will need to carry out some background research before making a decision. Below are the key factors to take into consideration when comparing shop fitters in Sydney:

i) Licence

Only firms that have a valid licence to offer shop fitting services in the city should be added to your shortlist. Therefore, you need to search the web and create a shortlist of firms that have a valid licence to offer these services. Any firm that does not have a valid licence should be avoided. This is because you do not want to hire a quack to do the job.

ii) Experience

Once you have created a shortlist of around a dozen local contractors that have a licence, you need to compare their experience in the industry. Start by checking the year the shop fitting firm was founded. Next, check the number of shops they have worked on in the recent years. This is an effective measure of experience because a firm might have been in business for over a decade, but has handled less than a dozen shopfitting jobs. Therefore, you need to compare experiences properly.

iii) Insurance and Bond

Only firms that are properly-insured and bonded should get further consideration. When comparing shopfitters in the city, therefore, you need to confirm that they are properly covered against all the risks. This includes property damage they may cause, delayed completion and physical injuries they may sustain or cause. If a firm is not insured, you should ignore them.

iv) Cost

Obviously, professional shopfitting is a costly affair, so you need to have a decent budget. Before you can commit yourself to any firm, however, you have to spend some time obtaining quotes from a number of firms and compare them. Since different firms are going to quote varying rates for different types of shopfitting services, be sure to spend some time comparing both the rates quoted and services offered by the shortlisted firms before making a decision.