If you own a building that is more than four levels high, you are required by law to have a passenger lift to serve the residents. Commercial buildings with a similar height are also required to have a passenger lift. In some cases, a service lift may also be required. This is a less luxurious, but high capacity, lift designed to carry supplies or equipment to businesses operating on the higher levels of a building. A great example is a kitchen lift. Whatever the case, lifts, or elevators, need to be serviced on a regular basis to prevent a malfunction that may put the lives of the passengers at risk.

Lift Service Explained

A lift is simply a cabin that moves vertically from the ground floor of a building to the upper floors. The cabin is connected to a series of pulleys and long metallic cables. The up and down movement is made possible by powerful motors. Lifts also have brakes, which stop and hold the cabin in position before doors open or close. Every lift also has two sets of doors. One is meant to close the lift and the other closes the entrance to the elevator shaft. The two doors close synchronously, so most people would not even notice that there are two doors. Lifts also have a dial pad and a control system, which ensures that the lift only stops at a given position within each floor and only opens when and where requested by passengers.

As you can see, the system has many components and any one of them can fail. Lift service Manchester residents should know, is a maintenance routine meant to ensure that every single component is in great condition. It also serves to prevent a problem from occurring in the future. During the service, all moving parts are normally lubricated and sensors checked for calibration. Some parts, such as the brakes, may also need to be replaced during maintenance. When looking for lift service Manchester property owners should consider the following:

i) Experience of the Service Provider

Lifts carry human beings, so the utmost care is needed. For this reason, the most experienced lift service company should be chosen. Do not jut pay attention to the number of years a firm has been in business, but also the number of buildings they are currently servicing.

ii) Licensing, Certification & Insurance

You want to work with a duly licensed firm that has all the relevant certifications in the industry. The Ideal contractor should also be insured and bonded. This will safeguard your financial interests from all liabilities that may arise.

iii) Availability

While you may be looking for a maintenance company, the ideal firm should also offer an emergency lift service, just in case the system develops a problem when passengers are inside.