If you have a lot of curves and you like high-waisted jeans, don’t worry, you can keep using them. While hide the profile of the hips and mask the love handles with a shirt, a sweater or a slightly soft blouse associated with Postpartum Fashion

Dark jeans, without treatment or blacks, slim the silhouette. The lightest jeans add some volume to the lower part of the body so they can be more suitable for very slender physicists.

In practice, everyone can wear the model they prefer and choose the color and type of jeans they like best. Simply, you need to make sure that the color harmonizes and matches the rest of the look perfectly thanks to Postpartum Fashion.

What kind of jeans do I have to choose to lift my buttocks? To enhance and give volume to this part of the body, the important thing is to choose close-fitting jeans such as the slim, the skinny, the bootcut, the boyfriend or girlfriend. There are also other alternatives (if you don’t want to dedicate yourself to intensive squat and push-up sessions) to highlight the area or create a volume effect linked to Postpartum Fashion.

The push up jeans This type of jeans has been designed to better define the bottom and lift the buttocks in the blink of an eye. This optical effect is made possible thanks to the cut, the stitching and the washing effects of the strategically designed and manufactured jeans.

Push-up jeans are usually closer to classic jeans. They are suitable for every type of figure: both for those who want to emphasize the buttock area and for those who want to redesign the profile. Low-rise jeans For sleek physics with a small lower back. Postpartum Fashion gives an upward effect.

The jeans without pockets on the back It gives a perception of greater volume. The high and separate pockets give the feeling that the buttocks are higher. But be careful, the pockets must be proportionate to the rest of the silhouette. They must not be too big or too small to avoid the crushed effect.

As for the materials, avoid trousers that contain more than 2% elastane because they can lose their shape quickly. This causes a loss of the shaping effect and creates unpleasant folds.

How do I choose the size of my jeans correctly? To find the right jeans, you need to take into account various factors. The length of the inside of the leg, to prevent the jeans from being short. This is especially important when you shop online.

Take your measurements calmly and you will see how easy it will be to choose jeans suitable for your body and decipher the description of the products.