Cell tower lease negotiations do not come easy. This particularly holds for those who do not understand telecom jargon or do not have a legal representative. In such a case, people are left wondering if they are getting a fair market value in their cell tower lease rates. Even if you hire an attorney, there is no guarantee that they hold the experience or knowledge required to strike a good deal or help you get the right amount of money from cellular carriers. This has the potential to trigger a range of issues, including.

  • You may be forced to agree to the terms and conditions put forth by the cellular company.
  • You may not receive a fair market value in terms of the lease rates.
  • The cellular company may strike a deal with the owners of another location.

In all of the situations mentioned above, you will be the one to suffer a loss or end up getting an unfair cell tower lease agreement.

The Harsh Truth

The simple fact of the matter is that cellular companies prefer that the property owners agree with are kept in the dark regarding the fair market value of the cell tower lease agreement. In reality, the site acquisition contractors that they hire earn huge amounts of money in bonuses for every single below fair market value lease that they acquire. In cases where they get property owners to agree to lease terms that heavily favor the cellular company, the leasing agents are paid even more. For this reason, leasing agents focus more on setting up leases that pay less to the property owner.

Comparative Leases Rates — Are They Worth It?

It is relatively common for landlords and property owners to acquire comparative cell tower rates by taking on a cellular site specialist’s services. To them, this is the right approach to obtain information about the fair market value of their lease. You need to know here that cell tower leases in the past were not adequately negotiated, and most property owners received very low rates and horrible terms for their property. Hence, to put it simply, comparative lease rates are not accurate at all.

For getting the best cell tower lease rates, it is highly recommended for you to acquire a learned professional’s services whose aim is to get you the best deal possible. This way, your property’s cell tower lease can prove to be a fruitful endeavor for you.