With the Covid-19 predicament, most companies had to close down or choose to work from home. However, businesses now have started to open and the CEOs have been involved in a process that they never thought they had to deal with- contact tracing. However, most of them are unsure of how to go about the situation since they are new and unplanned. In case you are dealing with workplace contact tracing, here are some pointers to help you out.

Current Environment

When in the office, various ways can be used to deal with contact tracing. One of the methods is using Wi-Fi though most have the basics of contract tracing; they are limited to only thirty feet. Another option companies can use Bluetooth and beacons. They can be used to narrow down to a foot. Thus, you can contact the Wi-Fi vendors to help you with the project. The CEOs can use the collaboration tools that have dashboard usages to show people in a given meeting and those in violation of the set restrictions. However, for this to be effective, the employees will need to have their smartphone with them all the time.

Report Information

When you use the workplace contact tracing, you need to get the one that is compatible with the system that is used by the local government. If so, you will have an easy time sharing the information should anyone in your company tests positive for covid-19. With the right system and communication plan, it is possible to reach everyone who was in contact with the person within 48 hours. That will help in limiting the spread. It is paramount for you to use an ideal company to build a tracing report within a short duration.

Plan Ahead

As much as people want to get their lives back to normal, it is prudent for you to ensure you look ahead. Thus, the CEOs need to put in place ways to ensure that testing is handled right. Besides, there should be quarantine spaces in place to ensure that the company can control the situation before the matter gets out of hand. Without a proper plan in place, the company will be risking the well-being of their employees.

Lastly, the covid-19 is a predicament that has met most people by surprise. For that reason, everyone needs to work together to fight the spread of the virus. Though most people rely on the government to help them out, companies also need to play their role.