Today, many couples wish to have their child but have been unsuccessful due to the lower sperm count of the husband. However, if you broaden your mind, you will find a solution to use a sperm donor. Using a sperm bank could be the best choice especially if you do not want the donor to be involved with the child’s life. Besides, the sperm banks will take up the cost to freeze sperm Canada to ensure that they are still viable at the time of use. While there are various methods for choosing a sperm donor, it is impossible to point out the right way as it depends on you. However, there are a few elements that you need to check before picking the donor;

Medical History

As per sperm donation regulation, the donor must undergo rigorous and thorough medical examinations before being given the green light to become a donor. Hence, they should be carefully screened to set a high standard for sperm quality to meet your requirement for fertility treatment. There should be an HIV test, hereditary diseases, and other infectious communicable diseases among the tests. Furthermore, you should have access to the donor’s medical history and the closest relatives in the extended profile. It may include the sexual activities of the donor and genetic conditions.

Personality Traits

Of course, physical attributes are not the only essential elements you will look at when selecting your sperm donor. Ensure that the cost to freeze sperm Canada bank you choose knows the donor personally. Such information will help you have an insightful idea and match up with the suitable donor from the sperm bank. Moreover, it is a requirement for donors to jot down about themselves, family history, temperament, personality, and life experience. Therefore, you should consider the characteristics you wish your child to have, physical and psychological traits including talents, sense of humor, intelligence, and other intangibles.

Donor Identity

Finally, for the anonymous donor, you will not need to have any relationship with him. Besides, he might be a donor in Canada, but you will never come to know him because he will not have any parental rights over your child. However, if you prefer to have a known donor to be sure of the appearance, education, medical history, and family background, you will have to establish a relationship. Therefore, you will need to get more information in the primary and extended profile. However, not that some sperm banks may charge a fee to get access to such information.