Most products require some type of packaging to ensure their safety during transportation, handling and storage. There is a wide range of packaging solutions available for manufacturers and shippers. The type of packaging selected for a particular product depends on the type of product, how long it requires protection, how strong protection it needs, what type and level of protection it needs, and how it should appear to the end consumer. Manufacturers have to ensure good quality packaging for safe and secure delivery of products. Different types of packaging services in Dallas are available from many companies.

Clamshell and Blister Packaging

These packaging solutions are suitable for small consumer products. The products remain safe and secure during the whole supply chain process. Clamshell packaging protects the product while giving complete visibility of the main product. It is a good way to attract prospective customer’s attention without compromising the safety of product content. The blister packaging uses a clear plastic tray attached to a card that has all product information printed on it. It can be a completely sealed packaging or the card is easily separable from the clear blister cover.

Shrink Packaging

It is a versatile solution for industrial and retail packaging requirements. It ensures 100% clear display of the retail product. This packaging solution can be used to protect heavy, rough and sharp products. Multiple products can be packed in a single shrink package. Contract shrink packaging services in Dallas are available for both industrial and consumer products.

Case Packaging

This packaging solution is suitable for shipping products over long distances. The cases are packed efficiently to minimize voids. It helps utilize the available container space to the maximum and reduce the shipping costs. Case packaging is needed at the end of packaging run. Low cost cases like corrugated boxes are used because this type of packaging is needed only during the transportation and storage of the products. Hard cases can be reused to lower the costs. Dallas distribution and fulfillment centers offer fast case packaging services for shipping products quickly.

Bag and Pouch Packaging

Industrial and commercial packaging solutions require good-quality bagging solutions. Poly bags are used for this purpose. The bags can be printed or plain, in custom or standard size, and with zippers or headers. This type of packaging is suitable for bagging small products and items that are difficult to handle. Duplex, polypropylene and polyethylene bags and pouches are available in various sizes.

Manufacturers, shippers, distributors and sellers can take advantage of all such packaging solutions to ensure safe delivery of their products. Cheap packaging solutions are used during the transportation and storage processes. High quality packaging is used to ensure product safety and attractiveness. Dallas contract packaging services are available from fulfillment centers, packaging service companies and distribution centers.