A ketogenic diet focuses on cutting back on easily digestible carbs and including more fat and protein in your diet. Many people have achieved their weight loss goals and improved their health by following a ketogenic lifestyle. However, some people have a false notion that a keto diet will decrease their overall energy level, restricting their ability to exercise. This is not true. Depending on the type of exercise, you can change the keto diet to boost your performance during the workout session. Keep reading to find out about different types of Keto Exercise.

Low-Intensity or Aerobic Exercises

Low-intensity exercises include cardio, stretches, and core training. All these exercises are a great fit for anyone following a ketogenic lifestyle as the body uses fat as the main source of energy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be low-intensity. You can bump up the intensity to moderate, provided that you maintain a comfortable, steady-state where your heart rate is not going through the roof. If your main goal is fat loss, then this type of Keto Exercise will fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

High-Intensity or Anaerobic Exercises

Now, this is where things get a little tricky. Anaerobic exercises, like HIIT and Strength training, require more energy. And since carbs are your body’s primary source of energy, following a strict no-carb keto diet might not be the best approach, especially when you’re making the switch to a ketogenic diet. A simple solution to this is to add a few carbs to your diet.

This type of keto diet, called the targeted ketogenic diet, requires that you eat some carbs thirty minutes before and after your workouts. Taking 20 grams of carbs before and after your workout will give you the required boost in your energy for your workout. This is the only change to your standard ketogenic diet. Although anaerobic exercises are not considered a Keto Exercise, they can easily be included into your lifestyle by making this small change.

Benefits of Exercising on a Keto Diet

A majority of dieticians believe that exercising on a keto diet is beneficial, however, some are against it. But you can relax because there have been detailed studies that suggest that it is clearly beneficial. Some studies show that exercising, doesn’t matter if it is a Keto Exercise or an anaerobic exercise, on a ketogenic diet improves endurance, speeds up muscle recovery, and accelerates fat burning.