When it comes to services of corporate catering Auckland then there are many different types of them. Generally, people think that getting catering services at a corporate event is the only means of corporate catering. The fact is that this service is also just one type of services that a company offer. In reality, catering service providers offer daily and past services. Let’s find out more about the different types of this service.

Office Lunch

Many companies offer free lunch to their employees. Some of them have an in-house kitchen, while others rely on corporate caterers. Expert chefs cook and deliver top-quality food to staff every day. Companies sign a contract with catering services so that they can enjoy continuous food services. It’s not just the lunch which a chef can make for your office. You can also ask for dinner and breakfast.


When your company is arranging a big meeting, then every attendee needs some refreshments. In that case, again, you need the services of a corporate caterer. However, it would be best to select a catering service provider because this conference will be attended by tons of people. Your reputation is at stake. If you don’t care about food quality, people will see the bad mouth, which will hurt your reputation. Contrary to this, good nutrition keeps people interested in your companies, and it’s how you establish your business network.

Product Launch

If you are involved in a retail business, you might have to organize a mega product launch. It’s the most important corporate event, and catering is also a part of it. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the menu, and it’s quality. In case you have some foreigners’ guests, the menu must have some food items related to their country. Not every chef is an expert in cooking all kinds of national and international food. You need to hire a company that can offer top-quality national and international cuisines.

Staff Picnic

If you run a multinational company that cares a lot about its staff, then picnic and outdoor activities are a part of your employee benefits program. So, when you take all your staff to a picnic, catering is a part of a full-fun plan. In that case, hire an expert chef who can make your picnic experience extra delightful.

Board Meetings

You don’t need to hire professional caterers only for a special or big event. Consider getting the services of Corporate Catering Auckland during board meetings. When you give your employees some instructions on a new project or work every Monday, offer them a fresh start with a cup of coffee with cakes or muffins-made by an expert chef.