Now you can trade Forex uninterrupted 24/7 with the help of a cheap Forex VPS plan. The plans start for as low as $4 per month. The cheap plan does not mean you do not receive good quality services and features. It is just that some traders require a VPS plan for minimum trading requirements. They do not have large volume trading requirements or do not use a trading platform that requires high bandwidth, fastest speed and lots of storage. You can go for the basic plan if you have fewer requirements for your Forex trading. Some plans are cheaper if you choose the yearly payment option.

Basic or Lite Plan

This cheap VPS plan is available only for $4 per month. Within this basic plan, there are multiple categories so you can choose only those features that you will really use. Even this basic plan comes with a dedicated IP address. It will have the latest OS version, 1 GB RAM, one Core CPU, storage space on SSD, 24/7 remote access, 99.99% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, USA/Europe datacenter and no reboot requirements.

Express or Deluxe Plan

This plan is available for $6 per month. You get all the features provided with the basic plan as well as some more features. There is no setup fee and it comes with a money-back guarantee. You will get storage space up to 15 GB on an SSD, 750-1500 MB RAM, and CPU rated at high speed. The latest OS and fast SSD drive ensure blazing fast response. The whole hosting plan is optimized for Forex trading.

Latency Optimized Business or Pro Plan

This plan will include all features that come with the basic and deluxe plan. You will get more RAM, higher configuration CPU, more SSD space, more bandwidth and technical support service. You can access the server through Windows, Mac, Linux and android systems. The high speed secure network gives you remote access to the server. It works with all broker platforms.

You get access to your server instantly with a cheap Forex VPS plan. There is no setup involved so you can start using it immediately. The setup is mobile device ready. The minimum latency is a big benefit. You can upload multiple files using the FTP network. It comes with guaranteed 99.99% server uptime. The optimized technology gives you a good head start in the Forex trading. The setup is protected from viruses, malware and other security risks.