Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, you can greatly benefit from having a call tracking and reporting system. Digital marketing is rather complex and a working call tracking process that gets you better track leads. Sadly, not many business owners out there have taken full advantage of call tracking and reporting. According to many of them, the exciting tracking feature seems to have a negative impact on their business by reducing their ranking on SERPs.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Inserting a tracking number in your landing pages, paid ads, and the website helps you know how to do marketing effectively. Call tracker reporting gives you pertinent data that helps you determine where to increase your marketing.

If you are interested in call tracking and reporting, read on as we tell you some of the metrics to measure for better results.

Call volume

By tracking and reporting your call volume, you can view your attribution data. This will go a long way in helping you see which of your ads drive most of your calls. This data also gives you better vision so that you can understand your ROI better.

Call source

Secondly, to ensure you have an effective call tracker reporting strategy, you want to track the source of your calls. Like call volume, this shows you which specific campaigns and ads drive most of the calls and which ones are better tossed to the bin. Pay close attention to “call routed to” and “number dialed” columns to know the ads that drive the most frequent calls.

Duration of your conversions

In digital marketing, long calls are known to convert better than short ones. This means that the number of frequent calls is not the only determining factor for better conversions- the duration of the call matters as well. Track and report call duration to find out the length of each call and know which campaigns are effective and which ones are not.

There it is; three important metrics to measure with your call tracking and reporting strategy. The specific metric to focus on is determined by the size of your business and your marketing goals. If you are just starting out, 3-5 phone numbers for Google Ads, direct traffic, and social networks will suffice. Else, connect advanced systems to maximize on-call tracker and reporting for accurate ROI measurement. Always remember that leveraging call tracking is a good step of taking your business from the past and into the future, so use every metric to your advantage.