When buying mens underwear packs, there are a couple of things that you should pay attention to in order to make sure that you are getting the rights ones for you. We won’t be discussing brands here because this article will focus on the more practical side of selection. Of course, you are free to get products from big names if you feel that they are worth your money. However, we are more interested in helping men find underwear that will serve them well for their intended purposes while providing excellent value for money. Always check the following prior to purchase:

Size Chart

Before anything else, you should start by taking your own measurements. Check the circumference of your waist using a measuring tape. Don’t rely on your old numbers because the body changes quite a bit over time. You may be smaller or bigger around the midsection from your last check. You have to do it right now for accuracy and comfort. Most adults will fall between 30 inches to 48 inches. When you find good options online, you should look up their size chart to see where your measurements belong to. Brands differ in their categories to don’t assume that extra large in one brand is the same as in another brand.

Breathable Fabric

Check the kind of fabric being used in these briefs. Cotton is the most common option since it is soft and highly absorbent. However, this will not be the most breathable or stretch-friendly fabric out there. If you want a more modern material, then consider a blend of polyester and spandex. This will be great if you need something that dries quickly such as what you’ll need when engaged in sports or working out in a gym. You can also find options that blend cotton and spandex for softness and stretch. Such will be great for everyday use.

Washable or Disposable

While most people will want to get pieces that they can wash and wear again and again, there may be situations wherein you will prefer disposable mens underwear packs. Consider hiking and camping trips where you will find it hard to find clean running water. It would be next to impossible to wash dirty clothes and undies tend to smell bad quickly. It might be better to put used underwear in a separate zip lock back for disposal as soon as possible rather than wait several days to clean them.