Employment Payroll Zoho is one of the best payrolls for small businesses to process their employee’s monthly/weekly/daily salaries and is also useful for contractor payments, freelancers, etc. Here are some of the best features of Zoho Payroll:

  1. Auto Salary Calculation
    Employment Payroll Zoho automatically calculates the salaries of your employees based on their country, province, city, marital status, number of dependents, if they are covered by insurance or not. This way, it automates many processes.
  2. Tax Calculation
    Employment Payroll Zoho calculates a monthly tax of your employees and also gives you a history of all the deductions made from their salary since the time they have been employed by your company. You can even view their entire salary history with just a click of a button on the ‘Salary History’ page under ‘Accounting.’ This is helpful to understand how much an employee has earned throughout his career with you, hence making it easy to decide on raises or bonuses.
  3. Easy Salary Reports
    You can create reports for each employee individually or for each employee in the group in one go. It provides flexibility in reporting features like viewing reports for previous years, comparing month-wise details, filtering options based on the number of days, current year vs. the same period last year, etc. Another option is that you can run reports for multiple companies simultaneously from a single console.
  4. Customize Deduction Categories
    You have full control over choosing categories for deductions and can even add new ones as per your requirements. You also have total flexibility over how your salary slips should look like(weekly/monthly/daily) and even manage it from a single user console (Accounts -> Salary Forms).
  5. Automatic Email Alerts
    Employment Payroll Zoho automatically alerts you when an employee has not received his salary or has raised an issue with the system. It also alerts you if there are any mistakes in payment procedures like incorrect deductions, payments pending approval, etc. It can do so via email or SMS notification.
  6. Flexible Payment Options
    Employment Payroll Zoho offers multiple options to pay your employees like Cheque, Wire Transfer, Cash in hand payment at the bank, or even in cash! This is helpful in cases where some of your employees have requested this option. Plus, you can also specify additional bank-specific features per employee if they are applicable to them, making your payroll that much more flexible!
  7. Employee Portal – Single Sign On (SSO) & Auto-Fill Employee Details
    Employees can access their personal details, including their salary history, directly from within the Z Selfcare portal with just a single sign-on. Plus, your employees won’t have to fill in their personal details every time they change jobs as Zoho automatically fills them in for you from the system!

In conclusion, Zoho Payroll is, in fact, very easy to set up and use. All in all, this makes it one of the best payrolls for small businesses!