Having a healthy workplace with a motivated workforce is crucial for the growth of any company. In order to achieve this, employers must give their time and effort and provide the right incentives for their employees. This article discusses some of the best engagement activities for work, from team-building exercises to fun social events. Some include:

Creature Building

Team members are broken into teams and given a set amount of supplies such as paper, glue, markers, etc. They then have a designated length of time to build something that resembles a creature. The teams present their creations to one another, after which people vote on who has built the best creature by way of applause or through other means. The winning team is awarded prizes. Points are deducted for incomplete or poorly made creatures.

Candy Bar Auction

Each person is given a certain amount of candy bars, usually one. They are then encouraged to sell their candy bars either through bidding or negotiation in exchange for other items or services. The person with the most money wins. Alternatively, they can choose to keep all the items they purchased at the end of the game, in which case everyone ends up with nothing.

Stress Relievers

Employers give each employee a small gadget that, when squeezed, relieves stress. Among these gadgets are things like stress balls, silly putty, etc. Employees are told ahead of time that there will be several opportunities throughout the workday when they have to squeeze in their gadgets. They must keep track of the number of times they do so and present this information at the end of the day.

Awards Ceremony

Employees are given awards for various things such as attendance, exemplary work ethic, etc. These awards can either be symbolic or otherwise. Such activities highlight positive behaviors and help inspire others to exhibit them as well. It also allows employees who might not get much attention at work due to their circumstances to receive some attention, even if only for a short time. This is especially effective with new employees who require more encouragement than those working for an employer for some time now.

In conclusion, there are many fun and engaging activities for work. The trick is to implement them with the right amount of foresight and consideration. For instance, if you plan on having a stress-relieving gadget, give it out to everyone simultaneously instead of one or two at a time throughout the day. This way, all your employees will feel like they’re part of the events, and no one will be left out.