Competition among small businesses can get fierce. Those that wish to move ahead must use all the tools at their disposal and continue to innovate. They have to keep their ears to the ground to catch the latest trends. They must keep up with new technologies. Given the importance of the mobile phone in our tech-crazed world, it isn’t surprising how many companies are scrambling to develop their own mobile apps. Small businesses are also getting into the game even if they don’t have the massive funds required for sophisticated app development. Some use free tools and try to emulate proven practices.

Perform Market Research

For example, they can perform market research to get the pulse of their target audience. They can check what their projected users want in an app. They can see what the current gaps are by looking at what their competitors are doing. They could compare the leaders in the mobile segment and use them as inspiration in their own attempts. They could read about those who failed as well so that they can learn from the mistakes. Given all of the information they got, they can finally get a sense of what they need to do and what they can aspire for.

Design the Mobile App

Next is the paper-based design of the app development. This does not have to be anything fancy. Just make sketches that will serve as a reference when you try to go digital. Think about how you want the app to look like, where you want the menu to go, and what the pages should contain. Make as many drafts as you need until you are satisfied.

Use an Online App Builder

Now you can use the online app builder of your choice to create the mobile software. Many of these tools use a graphical user interface that will allow you to drag and drop instead of coding everything. It is therefore easier and faster to use. You can take advantage of their themes, wizards, and pre-defined features.

Test, Publish, and Maintain

Test your app extensively so that you can find bugs and eliminate them. Fix all of the issues until you have a smooth app that works as it should. You can also ask feedback from others. Once you’re ready, you can publish this on the app store to make it available for public download. Monitor the comments and listen to the suggestions. Perform maintenance regularly.