Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) is a kind of certification conferred by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to management professionals who have demonstrated certain levels of knowledge in the area of project management. Before you get this certification, there are various requirements that prospective individuals must meet before they are allowed to render an application for certification. Upon submitting an application, a candidate will need to go through a rigorous and comprehensive exam before becoming an associate in project management.

What is a PMP Certificate?

Even though it is not mandatory for an individual holding a management position to carry this certification, it is a highly recognized certification that grants the holder the privilege and higher credibility. Ideally, PMP certification helps to nourish your resume and place you on a higher pedestal than ordinary managers cannot occupy. Obtaining a PMP certification is one of the ways professionals can demonstrate their dedication to the field and show their potential to deliver when given an opportunity.

What are the expectations?

Upon completing all the steps involved in obtaining the certification, individuals are expected to be knowledgeable about the concepts, challenges, and relevant jargon around project management. In addition, certified PMP’s are expected to acquire skills that can be applied in a wide range of scenarios and industries. What’s more, these professionals are required to have a wealth of experience in matters of project management and should be able to competently deliver on project deliverables.

Is PMP Certification Right for You? Skills and experience in project management find application in numerous fields and are necessary for any business setting. If you are a career project manager and are looking to climb a ladder higher in this field, then you are the right candidate for this certification. Being an internationally recognized qualification, PMP candidates are highly sought-after professionals by not only multinationals but also fortune companies. The future of this field is certainly bright since every business or organization is always looking to implement projects that would have an impact on their overall business position.

Minimum Requirements for PMP Application

Those looking to apply for this qualification will need to prepare for an exam and a set of strict conditions, including 7,500 hours of experience and a minimum of 35 hours of training in addition to having a four-year degree and project management-specific training. Prospective applicants must also log in to the PMI website to submit their personal information. You will expect to pay an affordable application fee whether you are a member of PMI or a non-member. You can obtain more information regarding the requirements and fees from the official website of the Project Management Institute.