Oracle’s reporting and analytics functions integrate seamlessly with the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) application and features over 1000 pre-defined reports and data displays for Oracle’s Financials, Supply Chain and HCM applications. EBS reporting tools enable users to create operational and on-demand reports, create visualizations of data, create and view dashboards and drill down through report information to support strategic business decisions without having to write any code or scripts. Orbit’s EBS reporting software combined with Oracle functionality enables users to significantly improve their reporting abilities and to drive business growth through the insights they provide.

A main focus of Oracle’s EBS system is to help streamline information and processes within an enterprise but many business IT users have found that the native reporting functions within EBS tend to be complex to use and inflexible when producing reports. This means that users are forced to rely on IT staff to build and modify their reports in order to make the customizations required to meet their business goals resulting in report backlogs and frustration for all those involved.

Orbit uses the same security definitions as EBS which means that all user permissions and responsibilities automatically synchronize with their reporting function which means they only see the data they are authorized to see when producing their reports. In addition, Orbit provides support for Oracle’s Discoverer reporting tool (that was discontinued in 2017) so that users with exiting operational and ad hoc reports can convert them at the press of a button. Orbit can quickly and seamlessly integrate migration to their reporting tool so that user’s operations are not affected.

Orbit accelerates the gathering and analysis of data for reporting by providing a rich and comprehensive suite of pre-defined reports that are certified for Oracle EBS. This means that users do not need to re-create the wheel constantly but instead can choose from over 1000 pre-built types of reports that cover a huge range of standard reporting needs. These reports can be viewed in a variety of different ways depending on users’ preferences and needs and include pivots, charts, web-based table formats or graphs, among many others. Output can be changed at the click of a button without having to change existing operations and can then be exported to a range of popular formats including Excel and PDF among many others. Orbit also provides functions for integrating Oracle cloud solutions with on-premises EBS applications so that data can be integrated to provide a complete view of operations no matter platforms are used.