The Malaysian government has put in place strict policies and laws after the recent case of the global corruption scandal in which Najib Raza, Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, is involved. It has become essential for every organization to get ABMS training Malaysia.

PM Corruption Case of the History in Malaysia

On 28 July 2020, the High Court sentenced the PM to 12 years imprisonment and fined him RM210 million on counts of money laundering, abuse of power, and criminal breach of trust. Government is ready to cooperate with both the private and government sectors to prevent the practice of bribery. The government took the first step of prevention measures by introducing section 17 A in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission ACT 2018. According to this new section, a provision imposes liability on a commercial organization if a person associated with it commits corruption and is involved in bribery acts. This provision demands higher management to comply with anti-corruption law fully.

What is the Purpose of ABMS Training?

There are some courses designed for every kind of company. The purpose of these courses is to make sure that an anti-corruption system is put in place so that companies won’t face risks of legal actions due to malpractices. Some expert trainers let every company develop skills for conducting internal audits. Through such audits, companies can make sure that their business practices fulfill all the requirements mentioned in ISO 3700:2016.

What will Learners Get from This Training?

Once your business professional completes this course, they would be able to perform audits of an ABMS against ISO 37001:2016. The purpose of this audit is to make sure that business operations are performed per ISO 19011.

Performing this audit isn’t a simple task. During training, a learner will have to understand how to plan for an audit, best ways to prepare for this audit, and what to include in the reporting. Every single process requires due consideration and understanding.

Performing an audit isn’t the only thing that a learner will do; another important thing is to read the audit report and make sure that ABMS complies with all sets of rules and requirements. This audit will highlight those areas which need improvement and also some sites where the problem is escalating. Based on these reports, top-management can take preventive measures and all necessary actions to avoid legal lawsuits.

ABMS training Malaysia will help you get certified for ISO 37001:2016, and through this certification, you can win the trust of stakeholders and partners and grow your business well in Malaysia.