Whether you are looking to downsize, upgrade, or relocate your Atlanta office, you might want to dispose of your old office furniture. A recommendable way to get rid of old office chairs and desks, among other items, is by donating them to local charities or national, non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, few people in Atlanta know about the nooks and crannies of giving office furniture to charities, and perhaps you didn’t know that you can gain tax reductions from donating furniture. Here is a quick guide on how to donate office furniture in Atlanta.

Ensure That the Items Are In Good Condition

The items must meet specific criteria to be accepted as donations. The furniture pieces are required to be in good shape for acceptance during donation. It’s best to contact your preferred charity organization directly if you are unsure if a particular furniture item is viable for donation. Moreover, consider visiting the organization’s website to view the list of things they accept and don’t accept.

Donate To National Charitable Organizations

Several federal, charity organizations in the US accept used donate office furniture Atlanta . The companies have several drop-off locations spread across the country’s cities, including Atlanta. Additionally, some of the organizations offer to pick up the donations from the donor’s offices. Well-known national charitable companies that you can give used office furniture are the Salvation Army, Habitat for Human Restore, Goodwill, and the National Furniture Bank Association.

Donate Locally

Gather old furniture items, check their condition, and be of assistance to your neighborhood by giving the furniture to local schools, churches, hospitals, and community groups. Other viable places to donate furniture locally include the homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, and thrift shops. Be sure to contact the charity to arrange for pick-up.

Remember Tax Receipts

It’s crucial to note that office furniture donations are tax-deductible and a charitable organization should provide you with a tax receipt on the same day you drop off your donation. When donating furniture items locally, consider talking to a representative from the charity to confirm whether they will give tax receipts. Furthermore, any non-profit charity registered with IRS should provide a tax receipt. The receipts will help you save a considerable amount of money during the tax season.


Whether you want to free some space or overhaul your office, it’s recommendable to donate used furniture, provided the items are in good shape. There several charities to consider, especially if you are looking to donate office furniture Atlanta. Lastly, ensure that you receive a tax receipt from an IRS-registered charity after every donation.