Are you looking for Bay Area Court Reporters? Make sure that you do your checks before you hire a court reporter. If you wish to look for a court reporter in the Bay Area, here are five things that you should check before hiring a court reporter:

  1. If they have insurance
    In California, by law, every registered court reporter must have an active Certificate of Registration from the Board of Registered Reporters and are required to carry professional liability insurance as required by the board. This means that if there was a legal dispute involving your case and needs a deposition or trial transcription that requires additional services from your chosen court reporter, you should contact their respective insurance company to verify if it is covered. Without an insurance certificate from them, do not sign any agreement with them as they will be liable for all the damages that could arise from any legal disputes.
  2. Their experience
    You would also want to check how long they have been in the court reporting business and what type of cases they have covered. This will give you an idea if they have the experience and the skill set needed for your specific case. Court reporters can specialize in law such as family law, real estate law, criminal law, etc. If you are not sure what area your case falls into, it is best to ask them beforehand to be sure that they are qualified to handle your case.
  3. The technology they use
    Court reporters these days use various types of technology to help them with work, such as steno machines, digital recording devices, laptop computers, etc., and the most important of all these is the steno mask machine. Make sure that your court reporter will be using this for your deposition or trial transcription so you can get a high-quality record of what is said in the proceedings.
  4. Their availability
    What hours do they work? Are there any specific timeframes when they are unavailable, such as holidays and weekends? Make sure to ask them about their schedule and availability before you hire them just to be on the safe side because it would be very inconvenient if you need a deposition or trial transcription during off-hours. Still, they are not available even after contacting other court reporters who also have availability conflicts with yours. Of course, you can also make a day-of request for court reporters, but it is always best to have a backup plan.
  5. Their fees
    Last but not least, you should also get an estimate of their fees for services rendered. This will help you plan your budget and ensure that you can afford their services. Some Bay Area Court Reporters offer discounts for bulk orders or if they are retained for a long period. Again, do your research and compare prices before making a decision.