In the past, it was only men who preferred to disguise themselves in Drag Queen costumes during Halloween. Nowadays, women are also borrowing the costuming idea and it seems to work for them just as much as it has been working for men. Dressing up for Halloween is all about paying extra attention to details and there are no better costume options than those with a Drag Queen theme. If you have nothing in mind for Halloween, here are 5 simple Drag Queen costuming ideas to consider:

Bold, Retro Appearance

There’s something special about wearing clothes from the 60s and decades before. This is because they are a classic vintage option befitting Halloween and other historic occasions. This Halloween, you can go back to whatever era and pick a bold retro design.

Low-Cut, Slit-Up Sequin Gown

Call it seductive or just pure boldness but this look is one for the ages. It’s timeless to suit every Halloween season. You just have to ensure that your low-cut, slit-up gown has a dark theme to match Halloween.

Dress like a Sad Clown

Clowns are known to be sad most of the time. So, it won’t be hard to dress like one. You can wear anything that gives you an epic look. Preferably, go for dull shades to portray a sad look. Black costumes with a few white spots will do.

Stockings at the Top and Bottom

If your hair is loose and you want to wear a Drag Queen weave, first secure it with stockings. You should also wear stocking on your legs to enhance your Drag Queen look. This should go with a short retro-style dress.

Embrace the Great Britain Theme

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to wear something that relates to the place where the celebration was invented? Clothes with a Great Britain print are popular in the market and so you will find it easy to pick the perfect one to wear this Halloween season.

Parting Thoughts

With the right Drag Queen costumes, you can grace this Halloween in style. This ensures that you not only turn up looking unique but you also embody the theme of this historic celebration. The above ideas may be simple but they are unique for someone daring and adventurous. Remember to purchase your costumes from reputable sellers that are known to stock quality products. During Halloween, there will be too many sellers who will be trying to take advantage of the Halloween craze. Do your diligence and purchase a high-quality costume.